MRI Scanner:
The Brain Imaging Center's MRI facility houses an actively-shielded 3 Tesla Siemens TIM/Trio scanner. The 32-channel console is equipped with 12- and 32-channel receive-only head coils. The scanner is capable of high-performance EPI for fMRI, diffusion imaging, perfusion imaging, high resolution anatomical scanning and a wide range of standard clinical sequences.

A wide range of stimulus delivery and response equipment for fMRI is interfaced to the scanner. See the Peripheral Equipment page for an overview.

Support Equipment & Spaces:
A mock scanner with stimulus delivery and motion tracking software, a TMS room and a subject reception/screening room are available in the modular building opposite the 3 T suite. An MRI-compatible TMS coil and delivery machine are also available. BIC also owns an MRI-compatible EEG machine.