Stimulus Presentation and Peripheral Equipment

Stimulus Presentation:
For fMRI scans various stimuli can be presented to a subject in the MRI. The stimulus presentation devices are controlled by personal computers connected to the scanner by dedicated control (TTL) lines. Visual and auditory stimuli are commonly used in the BIC.

The visual stimuli are presented to subjects using an MRI-compatible projector placed at the rear of the magnet bore. The visual stimuli are projected onto a specialized plexiglass screen with a non-dispersing optical coating, and the subject views the projected images using a custom-built mirror system.

Several auditory stimulus delivery systems are available, depending on the sound quality required. The BIC also has an MRI-compatible microphone for subject voice responses.

Response Boxes:
Subject responses can be collected using MRI-compatible button boxes. The BIC has several different response devices, including 4 button pads, 5 button pads, and a trackball which acts as a mouse.

Eye Tracking:
Our eye tracking setup consists of a camera system from Avotec and software from Arrington Research. The camera system includes an interface box that contains the IR source and the camera, and a mirror setup used to aim the camera at the subject's eye while still allowing them to view a stimulus. We have several different mirrors available for use, depending on which head coil is being used.

Physiological Monitoring:
The BIC is equipped with the Biopac physiological monitoring system. With this system our researches are able to monitor and record a variety of physiological information, including EKG, pulse oximetry, respiration data and skin conductance data.

Commercial sources of equipment:
Below are links to the various companies that supply the BIC with stimulus presentation programs and peripherals.

Eye tracking software

MRI compatible projector and eye tracking camera

Physiological recording system

Current Designs
Fiber optic response pads (fORP)

Neurobehavioral Systems
Presentation, stimulus presentation software

Psychology Software Tools, Inc.
E-Prime, stimulus presentation software