Citing BIC

Financial and organizational

Publications utilizing data acquired on the 3 T scanner should acknowledge the Henry H. Wheeler, Jr. Brain Imaging Center. Please also acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation through their Major Research Instrumentation Program, award number BCS-0821855.


The scanner may be referred to as a Siemens TIM/Trio 3 T MRI, or a Siemens MAGNETOM Trio MRI. Full specifications for the BIC scanner can be obtained from Ben. The BIC scanner uses a 12-channel receive-only head coil as standard, but a 32-channel coil is also available. Be sure to reference correctly the coil you used.

We have many different peripheral devices in use and they change often. To determine the manufacturer and specifications of any stimulus and response equipment you used, you should first review the most recent guide to the peripherals (under Peripherals Training on the Scanning page) and, if necessary, the TMS page, and then contact Miguel if you have questions.

Guidelines for reporting pulse sequence parameters can be found in this blog post. Contact Ben if you have any questions.

Works-in-progress and custom pulse sequences

The scanner has available a number of custom pulse sequences obtained from Siemens as works-in-progress (WIP) code, and from other universities via research agreements. There may be requirements that you acknowledge the sequence authors in your publication. Since there is generally no way to distinguish between product, WIP and custom third party sequences on the scanner, and since the versions may change frequently, please contact Ben prior to submitting a manuscript (or before your study!) so that correct information can be determined.